Welcome to Melliens

Melliens is the first global solution company to monitor beef carbon emissions via bio big data. Farmers can reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of their herds, earn extra income, and make a positive impact on the environment by implementing a combination of sustainable farming practices and monitoring individual cattle’s GHG emissions. Monitoring GHG footprints at the individual animal level can help to identify the most efficient and effective ways to reduce emissions on a farm such as through improved feed management, manure management system, potentially leading to increased profitability and sustainability.

Who we are Melliens

We are a climate tech company that generates carbon credits by monitoring the carbon footprints of beef cattle, which we then sell on the voluntary carbon credit market. Melliens is a company that is on a mission to provide a solution to cattle emissions. Melliens offers a proprietary carbon credit generation and trading platform based on big data and animal biotechnology research. Our cutting-edge technology has been created through over a decade of extensive scientific research.


We declare a bold vision of carbon neutrality, with Melliens’ technology, we are poised to become a big-data company in the meat sector and reduce cattle emissions by 50% by 2050. Melliens’ technology allows us to induce the participation of the general public, consumers, and companies in developing sustainable agriculture that benefits everyone on the planet. Melliens offers tokenized carbon credits and creates a tradable commodity in a market accessible to anyone.


We have researched big data and animal biotechnology, specifically the design of algorithms, low-carbon beef production methods and the use of bioinformatics to test and verify beef with low-carbon emissions. We have successfully developed original technologies for a beef carbon emission monitoring platform to achieve global goal in the areas of climate change and offset GHG emissions from cattle.

How does cowcarbon monitoring project contribute to climate protection?

A system that enables immediate compensation to farmers by quantifying the reduced amount of carbon footprint in real-time motivates farmers to actively adopt sustainable practices, such as breeding, feed additives, and management. If this low-cost and effective carbon credit generation system were applied globally and systematically, carbon emissions would be dramatically reduced.