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Low carbon cattle production technology : Reduction of market age

  • 01. assignment

    Low-carbon superior breeding genome acquisition stage among samples (Use of cattle history information)

  • 02. settings

    Characteristic setting step related to carbon emission per meat weight
(Standard item setting)

  • 03. monetization_on

    Estimating the breeding value of traits related to carbon emissions

  • 04. done_outline

    The step of selecting an individual to be mated with a corresponding individual with a standard ratio or higher

  • 05. class

    Genomic information acquisition step for each individual in the reference group

  • 06. receipt_long

    Reference group growth history and carbon emission verification step

Verification completed up to 6 stages of genome analysis
  • 07. error_outline

    Carbon reduction of selected offspring, molecular breeding information prediction step

  • 08. assessment

    Superior genome selection and breeding growth monitoring step

Continuous activities in the predictive monitoring stage
Calculation formula for using the above breeding value of each individual
in relation to the reference carbon emission information
Y = Xb + Zu + e
  • Y : Meat production by individual
  • X : Environmental effect information
  • Z : Genome information
  • b : fixed effect vector
  • u : breeder vector
  • e : error vector
Source: Method for greenhouse gas reduction using livestock Genomic information and system thereof (domestic patent application No. 10-2021-0095839)

Superior breeding genome analysis

Distribution of genetic capacity of cow herds by farm (example)
: Analysis of genetic factors for carbon emissions and intramuscular fat
Criteria: Genetic ability is high when the standard breeding value distribution by trait (total including females and males) is 0 or more
Set a target of 90% or more in the future through continuous R&D
from 70% of the current superior breeding object prediction accuracy