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Ear Tag Attachment

Ear tag distribution system

Ear tag attachment method

The consignment agency visits the farm and attach an ear tag as shown below within 30 days from the date of receiving the request.
* As for the ear tag, the normal type is attached to the right ear and the button type is attached to the left ear (Enforcement Rule Article 8)

Ear Tagging

Attach the female ear tag to the front of the ear and the male ear tag to the back of the ear using an attachment avoiding the blood vessels in the center of the ear.

Computerized registration

Processing procedures

  • 01. Birth (import, export) report
    • When a calf is born, report the birth report to the consignment agency in writing or by phone, and attach an ear tag
    • Entrusted institution records/stores evidence of cattle ear tagging
    • After attaching the ear tag, enter information into the history system
  • 02. transfer, transfer, cessation
    • Report to the consignment agency in case of transfer, acquisition, or death of cattle
    • When trading cattle, trade after checking the information of the counterparty
    • Submission of evidence such as photos of the company when reporting the company
  • 03. Livestock and Livestock Product
    Identification Register Change Report
    • Among the previously reported matters, if you want to change the contents of the livestock and livestock product identification ledger or correct omission errors, submit a change report to the Animal Products Quality Evaluation Office (Record Support Office)
  • 04. Exceptions to ear tagging
    • Breeding for the purpose of rural tourism or academic research
    • If the ear tag is not attached or the ear tag is damaged due to a natural disaster or traffic accident
  • Application of designated self-attachment farm (History management system)
    Consignment agency
  • Review whether the farm is eligible
    Local government
  • Approval/rejection of self-attachment farm designation (History management system)
    Local government
  • Approved self-attachment farm management
    Consignment agency

Cancellation of self-attachment farm

  • Inspection of farm operation status with self-attachment of ear tags
    Consignment agency
  • Application for cancellation of designation of inappropriate farm (History management system)
    Consignment agency
  • Farm review
    Local government
  • Decision shether to cancel the self-attachment farm (History management system)
    Local government
  • Farm management
    Consignment agency
* The entrusted agency visits self-attached farms currently in operation, inspects the operational status, and applies for cancellation of self-attached farms for inappropriate farms.

How to display the entity identification number

Country code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
KOR 0 0 0 8 digits (former identification code) ck
0 0 1 8 digits (registration number) ck
0 0 2 8 digits (new identification code) ck
Country code Extension cord Code classification Serial Number ck
  • Previous identification code application(123456784) : KOR 000 0 123456784
  • Registration number (123456784) applied cattle : KOR 00 1 123456784
    * The registration number is given by the Korea Animal Improvement Association for pedigree registration
  • New identification code (000012348) for cattle : KOR 00 2 000012348
  • Cattle imported from Australia(123456789012) : AUS 123456789012